Pool Opening Report, 2019

Like a glove, 2019

May 14 - The tiles have been set! They look fantastic. Chris, Andrew, and Josh really did a lot of work to get these prepped, poured, and placed. Memberships are coming in. Laura and Mariza have the turn around time on those down! Contact Us if you have questions or need an application.

Ready for tile

May 13 - Pressure washing is making the deck look great, but did I mention it's time consuming? We've starting getting ready to put up the postings for this year. The holes in the coping were pressure washed and filled with grout to level up a few low spots.

May 12 - More rain mean more humidity means slower curing concrete. We have four tiles ready to be set. No picture for today. It was just wet. Happy Mother's Day!

Curing tiles

May 11 - A light rain made for nice weather to pressure wash. The tile form is getting put to good use.

The form arrives

May 10 - We have a form to pour the coping tiles. Thanks to Joey for building it!

Filling begins, 2019

May 9 - We've begun filling the pool! Pressure washing continues.

Painting is done, 2019

May 8 - We have removed the eight broken coping tiles form the edge of the pool so we can pour concrete in to those holes. It's scarier than it looks, just a lot of work! We started pressure washing the pool deck. It's slow going, but Kirk's equipment has made is do-able. The sections we've done already look great. Becky and Chris are on top of mowing. Check for a sign up sheet at the pool if you'd like to volunteer to help mow the pool area inside the fence.

Painting is done, 2019

May 7 - The rain slowed us down, but now the painting is finished. The edges of the lanes and the T were cleaned up. The paint needs a few days to cure before we begin filling the pool. On to concrete.

May the lanes be with you, 2019

May 3 - The lap lanes are now much easier to see. This has me thinking about joining the lap club.

Nobody puts painters into a corner, 2019

May 1 - More painting! The new coat of paint really looks nice. Thank you Suzanne for coming back out to help! We now have some black paint for the swim lanes that we hope to get down before it rains too much. The kiddie pool cleaned up nicely, so it might not need any paint. The first aid kit has been restocked and the emergency phone is back in the box.

We paint, 2019

April 30 - The pool board and volunteers were going strong when I left at 8:30 tonight. The first coat of paint on the shallow end looks nice. We'll check the coverage tomorrow to see if it needs a second coat. Thanks to Jamie, Jeremy and Suzanne for putting on their painting shoes. We also started cleaning out the kiddie pool.

Painting, 2019

April 29 - It took a bucket brigade and shop vac to get the last of the muck out of the deep end. With some help and Chris' perseverance, we did it though. Thank you, Jeremy, for coming out to help. He prepped the entire shallow end for paint. We'll be ready to hit the rollers tomorrow.

Pressure Washing 2019-04-27

April 28 - The pool board put in another day of hard work today. The pool is drained! The algae had to be shoveled and hauled out of the bottom. The cover was dry enough to stow to day. We have been doing some research and talking about how to patch the crumbling coping so it makes it through the summer. We pulled the lights out to see if we can repair them. At least one of them needs to be replaced.

Pool Cleaning 2019-04-27

April 27 - We had a full day of work at the pool and accomplished two of of our goals. The furniture and pool house have been cleaned and look great. Draining the pool is slow going and we are pressure wash the sides. We'll be back on Sunday to finish up. The cover needs a few days to dry out before we fold it up and stow it on Tuesday. While washing the pool, we realized it needs a full coat of paint. We will begin that job in the evenings. Hopefully the painting will be finished up on May 4. Several of the coping times have crumbled. We are researching options to repair them. Thanks to all the volunteers. The kids did a great job helping!

Volunteers: - Suzanne, Tim, and Alex - Jamie - Lex

I will add to this report as we work toward opening day. Check back to keep track of what's going on at your pool!