The Flag of Timbercrest

The Flag of Timbercrest consists of an emblem on a field of green, with a strip of black bordered by white on the fly. The emblem in the middle consists of a lamp on a white circle with a black border. The design and proportions of the flag are based on the flag of Tennessee.

The lamp emblem is based on an original design element of the neighborhood itself. Each house came with a beautiful lamppost with the house number painted on the glass. The lamppost that inspired the flag's design can be seen on the original neighborhood brochure on the Timbercrest History page. The colors of the flag also come from the original brochure.

The Timbercrest flag was designed in 2019 by Timbercrest resident Daine Wright.

Flags are available for purchase from the Timbercrest Recreation Club Payment Portal flags page. Proceeds go to the pool.

Timbercrest Flag size options and prices
Style Size Price
Handheld 5in x 8in $  4
Garden 18in x 12.5in $15
Garden with stand 18in x 12.5in $25
House 3ft x 5ft $25