Timbercrest Pool

The last day for swimming is September 21st!

Are interested in donating to the pool? You can become a sponsor member.

Since the Timbercrest pool was built in the late 1960s, it has been enjoyed by many generations of Timbercrest residents. It usually opens in May and closes in September – depending on the weather. It features a large, newly rebuilt kiddie pool as well as many tables with umbrellas and chairs. There is a volleyball net, grill, and fire pit. The pool has lap lanes, large steps (with a handrail), and a basketball net. The facilities include restrooms, a large shelter for shade, and an ample parking lot.

The pool is maintained by the Timbercrest Recreation Club, Inc. Maintenance, painting, cleaning, and more is done by neighborhood volunteers. In prior years, we rebuilt and re-tiled the kiddie pool, painted the pool, installed a new pump, dug ditches, and put in a grate to correct drainage. We added a concrete table, six new lounge chairs, and seven umbrellas. A life ring, metal signs, and hand rail were also purchased. The City of Knoxville health inspection scores range from 96 to 100.

The opening date for the 2019 pool season will be May 18, 2019. If we get enough volunteers to get the pool ready in time, we may open a week earlier.

Membership fees for 2019 are:

  • $275 for Timbercrest families
  • $300 for non-resident families
  • $150 for Timbercrest singles and grandparents
  • $175 for non-resident singles and grandparents

A family is defined as one or two adults and their dependents who are under the age of 19 or is a full time student (with valid ID). All family members must reside at same address or a person for whom the member(s) claims a tax deduction. Adults over the age of 25 living in the same household will be an additional $100.00 each.

Guest’s fee will be $5.00 per day per person per day. No Charge for out of town guest. Guest are restricted to 5 visits per season. Numbers of guest per day are limited to 4. Fee or guest pass must be turned in the day of visit. Pool members can earn free guest passes by volunteer work or by buying $100.00 worth of Food City available through Greg Locke (865) 584-8839. A volunteer sign up will be posted.

Members can hold parties at the Timbercrest pool for a $50.00 usage fee and $5.00 per swimmer. Also, a Red Cross certified life guard will be required at member’s expense. Please note, parties are not private. Other pool members will be allowed access to the pool/amenities during scheduled party hours.

Policies, By-Laws, meeting notes, forms, and discussion are available on the Recreation Club forum (Log in required).