Timbercrest is a quiet but vibrant neighborhood in the heart of Bearden with more than 200 houses and 600 residents. The original development began in the early 60s. Most of the homes were built in the 1960s and 1970s. We have a rich neighborhood history.

Many of the original owners raised their families here and still live in their Timbercrest homes. The neighborhood is now made up of a diverse group of families at all stages, recent retirees and older residents who remember when our neighborhood was in its infancy. In the past few years, we have seen more young families moving into the neighborhood. Several homes have been purchased by second-generation residents who grew up here. Homes are being renovated and groups of children of all ages play in our yards and park. We are proud of the fact that quite a few families have purchased multiple homes in Timbercrest. It's such a great place that the original developer's family still calls Timbercrest home.

We have a park that is free for all of our residents to use. It is maintained by volunteers and much of the mulching, mowing, trimming and weeding is done during our monthly park clean-up days. A neighborhood pool is also available to residents for an annual fee.

This is truly a community. Many residents wave to each other and stop to talk in our front yards or on neighborhood walks. We help each other out with a little free library in a neighbor's yard, free giveaways posted weekly on our community Facebook page and there is always a neighbor to lend a hand after a storm blows through. Our community atmosphere makes Timbercrest a great place to live.

Timbercrest is convenient to downtown, West Knoxville and Turkey Creek shopping, the Interstate, and other major thoroughfares.



Timbercrest Pool Spring 2024 Newsletter

May, 2024

Opening day will be May 24th, 2024

The pool is the perfect place to meet and get to know your neighbors. We have a great community here in Timbercrest. Come down to the pool and wade into our community. For information visit: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/pool 

Off-season work at the pool

Pool Prep Evenings!

Announcing new times and dates for painting the Timbercrest Pool. 

Wednesday, May 1

Thursday, May 2

5:30 to dusk

Due to chance of rain this Saturday, we are going to paint the pool this Wednesday 5/1 and Thursday 5/2 in the evening instead. Start time will be 5:30 pm or whenever you can get there. We will provide dinner with pizza and soda. Looking forward to seeing you all!


Thanks in advance,


Becky Pracheil

Timbercrest Recreation Club