Pool information for spring, 2020


The pool is open!

Help us have a safe and fun summer by following the posted Knox County Health Department guidelines: 

  • Practice Social Distancing - Stay 6 feet away from others who are not part of your household whenever possible even in the water.
  • Wear cloth face coverings - Wear a mask if you prefer. 
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly - Soap is available in the restrooms. Bring hand sanitizer.
  • Clean frequently-touched surfaces - Volunteer for nightly sanitization of bathrooms and furniture following CDC recommendations.
  • Stay home when sick - Don’t come to the pool if you or a family member is feeling ill.

Here are some other considerations for the pool:

  • The max number of people for a gathering is 50. No parties during Phase 2. Consider going to the pool at off peak times to spread the crowd out.
  • Enjoy the water. The CDC says COVID-19 does not live in pool water itself.
  • Show courtesy to others.

Volunteer for the last few tasks this weekend or jobs throughout the season. More people means less work!

The Timbercrest Recreation Club pool board has been recognized with a Community Commitment certificate for following the Knox County/City of Knoxville Phased Reopening Plan. Read more: https://covid.knoxcountytn.gov

Dear Neighbor

In these uncertain times, the Timbercrest Recreation Club (TRC) pool board would like to share our plan for the 2020 pool season. To simplify, this year we have sent a single message rather than spreading out the content over several messages. We hope this helps keep all pool information in one easy to find place. Read the information below and access the included links at your convenience. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Our contact info is at the bottom. We want to hear from you!

Our plan for 2020

We are planning to officially open on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020. The pool will be ready by that date, perhaps sooner. If the pool cannot open by that date because of COVID-19 measures, membership fees will be prorated based on the date we actually open.

We know that many of our neighbors may encounter financial difficulties related to COVID-19. If you need help with fees, contact us to work out payment or financial aid options.

This may create financial challenges for the pool. If you are able, consider becoming a sponsor member. More information is available on the Become a Sponsor Member page: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/content/become-sponsor-member


The pool board would like to know your opinion about the pool. One way to tell us what you think is to fill out the 2020 Timbercrest Pool Survey: https://forms.gle/WNv6WnHK6G8hRafE7

Everyone is welcome to fill out the survey. We learn a lot, even from those who choose not to join the pool.

How you can help

Throughout the year, it takes a lot of work to run the pool. Pool maintenance, cleaning, and more is done by neighborhood volunteers. Consider ways you can volunteer at the pool this year. We need your help.

Although help is needed to open the pool, we will not announce scheduled work days to reduce social interactions. Instead, please contact us to volunteer and we will assign tasks that can be done at your convenience any time between Apr 13 - May 18.

As our pool continues to age, we are faced with various maintenance and beautification projects which are required to ensure that our pool continues to be safe and enjoyable.

Our major project this year is replacing the pool coping. The coping is the top of the pool wall and forms the top edge for the entire pool. The size and complexity of the repair required that we hire a contractor. Work begins Monday, March 30 and is expected to take two weeks.

This repair is a significant expense. The pool is able to cover most of the cost, however, we would like to avoid financing the remainder. If you are able and would like to help cover the remaining cost, you can donate to the pool as a sponsor member. By donating to the Timbercrest Pool, you enrich the community, increase property value, help the volunteers, and beautify the neighborhood. To donate, visit: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/content/become-sponsor-member

Board meeting notes are available on the Recreation Club forum (requires free registration): https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/forums/recreation-club

Timbercrest Pool

Timbercrest pool membership is a great value in a beautiful neighborhood setting. We are proud of our shared community and want to invite you to become a member of our community.

The Timbercrest pool is a 75,000 gallon neighborhood pool with lap lanes, large steps with a handrail, a basketball hoop, and a kiddie pool. Lap swimming hours are every day before 10am. There are many tables with umbrellas and chairs, a volleyball net, gas and charcoal grills, and a fire pit. Facilities include restrooms, a large shelter for shade, and ample parking. We allow large and small parties for a nominal fee. Guests are welcome with members.

Membership fees for 2020 remain the same as last year:

  • $275 for Timbercrest families
  • $300 for non-resident families
  • $150 for Timbercrest singles and grandparents
  • $175 for non-resident singles and grandparents

Applications will be available at the pool by April 12. New for this year you will be able to apply and pay online: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/pool

Policies, By-Laws, and forms are available on the Recreation Club forum (requires free registration): https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/forums/recreation-club

Timbercrest Park

We are pleased to announce the TRC pool board has created a new position: Park Coordinator. The Park Coordinator monitors the park for necessary maintenance and suggests improvement projects. Welcome Chris Woodcock and Ewa Myszkowska as Park co-coordinators, and thank you for volunteering!

Timbercrest park, adjacent to the pool, is available to all Timbercrest residents. Park maintenance work and funding comes from neighbors like you. Use the above pool links or contact us to volunteer and donate.

Share this info

To comply with social distancing recommendations, flyers will not be delivered to each house this year. Instead, we ask you to share this with your friends and neighbors. If you know a neighbor who would prefer a physical flyer, contact us and we will send one to their mailbox specifically. Sharing is helpful for new neighbors! You can also download and print a flyer: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/sites/default/files/pool-information-spring-2020.pdf

Contact us

Contact the Timbercrest Recreation Club:

Subscribe to pool mailing list (NEW!): https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/mailinglist/
Email: pool@timbercrestneighborhood.org
Phone: (865) 297-3374‬
Address: 5247 Lance Dr. Knoxville, TN 37909
Website: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/pool
Facebook group: https://facebook.com/groups/799228270235450/