Volunteer tasks, 2020

Volunteer tasks

To prepare for opening the pool in 2020, we need volunteers to help with the following. Let us know if you can help with any of these tasks.

  • Deck and furniture
    • Pressure wash deck
    • Inspect and pressure wash furniture
    • Repair furniture as needed
    • Schedule to watch for sales on furniture (may have missed best deals)
  • Office
    • Clean office
    • Organize office
    • Inspect and restock first aid kit
  • Pool house
    • Install two extra flag mounts (for a total of 3: US, TN, Timbercrest flags)
    • Replace light fixtures
    • Inspect, repair, and/or replace Safety Items
    • Check all items on the Health Dept. Checklist
    • Add carpenter bee traps
    • Preventative measures for insects
  • Bathrooms
    • Deep clean bathrooms
    • Replace batteries and rolls in towel dispensers
    • Replace batteries and soap in soap dispensers
  • Grounds
    • Inspect chain link fence
    • Repair and paint chain link fence as needed
    • Replace spigot box attached to fence
    • Inspect and fill cracks in concrete deck
  • Opening party
    • Identify planner
    • Set date
    • Plan party

We also volunteers to help throughout the year in the following areas:

  • Pool pump and chemical maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Nightly chores
  • Park cleanup
  • Event planning