Timbercrest Pool Newsletter, April 2021

Opening volunteers

Opening day will be by May 29. If we have enough volunteers, we might open May 22. That’s fast approaching!

Be expecting a call, text, or email this week if you volunteered for opening at the beginning of season. We will be organizing tasks to drain, paint, clean, and prepare the pool and pool area in the coming weeks. If you have a specific task you would like to volunteer for, reach out to us.

Sponsor memberships

As our pool continues to age, we are faced with various maintenance and beautification projects which are required to ensure that our pool continues to be safe and enjoyable.

Our major project last year was replacing the pool coping. The next project will be replacing the tiles along the water line. These repairs are a significant expense. If you are able and would like to donate to these projects, consider becoming a sponsor member. To learn more, visit: https://timbercrestneighborhood.org/content/become-sponsor-member

By donating to the Timbercrest Pool, you enrich the community, increase our property value, help the volunteers, and beautify the neighborhood.

Food city gift cards

Guest passes can be earned by purchasing $100 worth of Food City gift cards from Greg Locke (865-684-3699). Gift cards are available in $25, $50, or $100 denominations. The pool earns $5 from each $100 worth of gift cards, which adds up quickly.

New keys

We are rekeying the lock this spring. Numbered keys will be issued with each membership. Each membership will be given one key. You can pick up your key at the Spring Member meeting, opening week, or at any time by contacting the pool board. There will be more details about the keys in the May newsletter.

Spring member meeting

The Spring Member meeting will be Thursday, June 3rd at the pool at 7pm. We will keep the business of the meeting to one hour with an open floor discussion following.

COVID guidelines

We will continue to abide by county, state, and national COVID guidelines. Read and follow all posted signs. Help maintain a safe and healthy atmosphere at the pool!


The pool board would like to know your opinion about the pool. One way to tell us what you think is to fill out the 2021 Timbercrest Pool Survey: https://forms.gle/UF8BzuLJHMH8RjJL9 

Everyone is welcome to fill out the survey. We learn a lot, even from those who choose not to join the pool. Contact us for a paper survey.