Timbercrest Pool COVID-19 response

The pool is open!

Help us have a safe and fun summer by following the posted Knox County Health Department guidelines: 

  • Practice Social Distancing - Stay 6 feet away from others who are not part of your household whenever possible even in the water.
  • Wear cloth face coverings - Wear a mask if you prefer. 
  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer regularly - Soap is available in the restrooms. Bring hand sanitizer.
  • Clean frequently-touched surfaces - Volunteer for nightly sanitization of bathrooms and furniture following CDC recommendations.
  • Stay home when sick - Don’t come to the pool if you or a family member is feeling ill.

Here are some other considerations for the pool:

  • The max number of people for a gathering is 50. No parties during Phase 2. Consider going to the pool at off peak times to spread the crowd out.
  • Enjoy the water. The CDC says COVID-19 does not live in pool water itself.
  • Show courtesy to others.

Volunteer for the last few tasks this weekend or jobs throughout the season. More people means less work!

The Timbercrest Recreation Club pool board has been recognized with a Community Commitment certificate for following the Knox County/City of Knoxville Phased Reopening Plan. Read more: https://covid.knoxcountytn.gov


We are following the Knox County guildance from "A Community Strategy for Phased Reopening".

See the PDF below for public guidance on COVID-19. We will post this or the recommended sign when we are able to open at the pool.